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CdPlayer - Module that allows playback of audio CDs directly in the mixer and channel to which it was selected.
CdPlayer also has an Internet connection to search the song information (CDBB) recorded on the CD.
iInternet Radio -With this module, it is possible to tune in radios operating on the Internet and put them on the air through the programmed mixer and channel. Register URL addresses of all the stations of interest
DigiRadio OnAir general operation configuration module settings of users, passwords, mixers, channels, GPI and serial ports commands, up to 09 network audio servers, auto;manual operation, station name and machine number on network setting, etc....
Cue Module - Through the Cue module it is possible to obtain a pre-playback of the spot on the channel programmed for Cue, quick search in the file. The Channel and audio card to be used by the Cue is configurable.
Internet Radio - Picture showing 04 instances of the Internet Radio Modules workink simultaneously on channels 01 to 04.
DigiStream - Streaming Internet module to strem the DigiRadio OnAir output channel or master radio station console to the web through it´s own interna server or an external provider server. Resouce to send audio with realtime commands to any other DigiRadio OnAir connected to the web and use thes commandas to start, stop, pause local Plylaylist's, DigiPlay, others modules remotely. Commands may be embedde on the Digiradio OnAir server oe can be manualy actuaded throuh 16 pre-programed commanda pushbuttons.

                            A great solution for a networked radio station or for single streaming your broadcasting radio
ProgList - Module the function of assisting the creation and editing of the programming files. Through the complete display of the registered spots database and the drag and drop function it is possible to create new programming, add, delete spots and change their positions and edit schedules already done locally or via network with the software installed in another computer.
Maintenance - This module has file management functions from this or another computer, which can be registered individually and collectively, with the possibility of using the file name itself as the code used by the system. It also manages the database, with operations of registering, changing and erasing spots locally or via the network.  DigiRadio OnAir and Production units batch copy capability in both directions.

Set local temperature city settings
With the DigiCD module you can automatically scan the tracks of a Compact Disc and automatically register it in the Digiradio OnAir database. Through a simple and automatic process, the contents of the CD are quickly available for playback. The DigiCD also has an internet connection to search the information of songs (CDBB) and add them to the system registry.
DigiRec - With the function of recording audio from an external audio source, this module has several scan format options for audio files, Auto Start, Mixing, Fade In and Fade Out.           The spot is automatically registered to the database system and available for play
DigiPlay -Module for operation of fast and efficient inserts of commercial, institutional, vignettes, etc, with infinite lists operation feature programmed according to the needs. FadeIn, FadeOut, and Mixing features.
PlayList module has the function of automating the reproduction of audio files and previously created programs. To help with this operation Digiradio OnAir provides an intuitive interface with drag and drop features, editing of the on-air schedule, right time and temperature with locution files provided in the installation, Mixing, Fade In and Fade Out, Loop and load schedules and start playback ac
Mix module for setting audio spots Mix, FadeIn, FadeOut times and curves types Custom, Linear, Exponencial,Cosine and none
Config Mixer module - Setting Audio Cards for Inputs and outputs
cording to system clock date and time, separate and synchronized music and business schedules lists.

                      Personalized FadeIn, FadeOut and Mix operation curves and times for each individual audio spots

DigiRadio OnAir is a system composed of software and hardware for Radio Broadcasters, with the function of automating the operations of digitization and placement of audio material with features of creation of schedules, management ,  ef
Users Module access with username and password and specific granted settings DigiRadio OnAir modules access
04 channel compressor module with settings of InGain, Gate treshold, Compress level, Attack time, Release time and Out level
Operation with 02 monitors - See : Console and 01 Playlist on Monitor1 ;  03 DigiPlay´s and Compressor on Monitor2
fects, commands for automation and reporting of delivery.

The most complete Automation System for Radio Stations

Virtual Console with features of a physical audio desk
Microphone and Line Input Channels
04 output channels with 10 audio mixers
Audio Compressors for the 04 Channels
FadeIn and FadeOut Time and Curve Controls
Reception of Web Radios incorporated into the system
Playlist and DigiPlay Modules
Local Temperature and Time
Operation with 02 Monitors
Network Operation with up to 09 Servers
Streaming with command generation in real time
Total redundancy of the fisicated local sound table
Operation with PCIe and USB audio cards
Multilingual: - Portuguese-English - Spanish

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