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News Network Player    Digital TV HD/SD

  - Network Operation with Multi Servers
  - PlayLists of journalistic HD/SD spots materials ;
  - Multi-Purpose files support;
  - Automatic Up / Down conversion;
  - Categories creation based on journalism files folders on any network unit such as editing islands, etc;
  - All files in the categories after selection are shown in the general list and are available to add to the playlist;
  - All of the playlist and the general list files are identified graphically with a thumbnail of their first video frame
    for quick location;
  - Marking Possibility of entry / exit points of the video file that will on air in fast operation and without rendering;
  - Quick monitoring of any file or playlist from the general list by dragging it to the Preview screen with play     features, Stop, pause, fast forward and rewind the cursor position of the video spot;
  - Setting and monitoring of audio levels; 
  - Play , Stop , Pause commands on the PlayList;
  - Allows Slow Motion directly or reverse of the video file;
  - Resource to turn the video on display in black and white and back to display it in color;  
  - Allows you to save, Clear, Load and Reload the PlayLists files;
  - Add, Insert and delete PlayList files;
  - Date Timers and Time of day , plus total times of the spot running and list and countdown in real time.  


Operation on Ethernet Network

On Air Play Directly from
Network Folders

Infinity Categories Creation

Journalism Operation Fast and Efficient

No Waste of time for Registrations

Quick Access to all Folders
and Network Files

Multi Files Formats

Audio Monitoring

Audio Level Adjusting

Slow Motion on files